End of July marks the halfway point of our 2016 season and it has been great!  As you may have been hearing, it has been the wettest July in the Calgary area since 1927 and that would be true for camp as well.  Our program teams have had to be creative and flexible, taking advantage of the outdoors whenever possible, and enjoying the warmth and protection of the indoors.  

Thank you for your prayers and support to date!  Let us share with you part of an email that we received as it was addressed to you as well!

Dear Camp Chamisall and Sponsors,

We just want to take some time out to give a heart felt thank you for the opportunity given to _________ & ________. We are truly grateful for their sponsor and hopefully we will be able to return the favor in the near future. As you know this year certainly has been a hard one for us and our finances was just not capable to send our kids to their very first summer camp since we've arrived in Canada X years ago. They came back rejuvenated and with huge smiles and no lack of words of how epic, awesome, fun, insightful, special, blessed, and some more words of how this camp experience was for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You will never know how much your generosity means to us.

Our wish is to when we are back on our feet again,  that we would also be able to be a sponsor to some kids out there who would need an opportunity to experience  summer camp the same way our kids did.

May God bless you!

Thank you!  Please continue to pray and support the ministry of Camp Chamisall!  

The remaining four weeks of Chamisall are comprised of two Junior High weeks, an Elementary week and our Senior High week!  We will update you in the fall with more details on the ministry.

God Bless!