Merry Christmas!

Christmas is just days away and have you noticed the colours of Christmas?

Colored Tshirts

There are green trees, white snow, red ribbons, purple candles, gold accents; colour is a large part of this season.  Colours are a gift from God and God uses colours to call us to, and remind us of, Himself.  Consider these references: green grass, green pastures; scarlet yarn, scarlet curtain; black sky, black ground, black horse; Red sea, red stew, red horse, red as blood; multi-colour jacket; purple curtain; blue curtain; and the list goes on.

Colored Tshirts 2

As you read through this list no doubt you were reminded of some of the messages from scripture: creation, the temple curtain, the priestly robs, Joseph’s coat, the good Shepard, Christ’s return.

This year we have adopted the saying, “Lives Changed“, “T-Shirts too” and you’ve seen pictures of coloured and white t-shirts.  

White is a beautiful colour and often refers to purity, innocence, to being clean.  And that’s what God does for us!  He changes our life and makes us clean, white as snow!

That would be our prayer for you, that He would change your life!

We are grateful for your support over this past year and praise God for you.  We are looking forward to 2017 and what God has in store for the ministry of Camp Chamisall.  We have been working on plans for 2017 and have opened up camper registrations.   Register a camper on-line for 2017 by following this link.  Staff registrations will open shortly.

We would be ever so grateful if you would consider making a donation to the ministry of Camp Chamisall. Click here to make a donation. (Year end donations will be accept through to and including December 31, 2016.)

May God bless you and yours!  Have a Merry Christmas!