As the seasons change, some updates on what God did this past summer at Camp Chamisall.

God was good!  Through the 8 weeks of camp we saw 599 campers who were ministered to by 258 volunteers.  That’s amazing!  Thank you to all of our volunteers who served and shared the love of God.  24 campers made a first time decision to follow Christ and over 160 campers rededicate their lives to pursue God.

As in years past our camper sponsorship program was used significantly this year.  Thanks to those who gave to this program, making a week of camp reality for many students this summer.  

A story from one of our directors about one of those campers...

Let me tell you about “my boy”.  It started last year, when I connected with a first time camper, Ben (his name has changed).  Ben got an unbelievable opportunity last year to be sponsored to go to camp.  It was his first time to a camp and he loved every moment of it.  He engaged in everything: the games, the activities; he listened carefully to the bible study lessons, the devotions, testimonies and campfires.  Part way through the week Ben accepted Jesus Christ!  It was sweet!  I gave Ben a bible and in the front page wrote a reminder to him of the decision he had made.  I well remember the last day of camp as the campers begin to load the busses to return home, his tears, and I dare say mine, flowed freely as he wasn’t ready for camp to be over.  He loved the week!

I was excited this year to see Ben as once again he was sponsored to return to camp.  We saw each other Sunday afternoon at the church as we prepared to head off for our week of camp.  “Look, I brought my bible, the bible you gave me last year!”  That started a great week as again, Ben engaged in everything.  It was Thursday after camp fire that I found Ben hanging back.  He was having a tough time, his heart was broken.  He shared with me that when he returned home Saturday that he would be moving to live with his other parent and wouldn’t be able to camp. We chatted a while and I assured him, that we’d make it happen for him.

The we is you.  

Thank you for your prayers and for your giving to the ministry of Camp Chamisall!